COVID-19 latest guidance for Scotland

Last updated:1 June, 2020

Monday 25 May

To support practitioners working in primary dental care, the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) has developed a Practice Recovery toolkit which includes a guide and associated implementation tools. 

Wednesday 20 May

The Office of Chief Dental Officer Scotland issued a letter covering Remobilisation of NHS Dental Services in Scotland.

It outlines three-phases to the ‘remobilisation’ of dental services in Scotland; beginning with expanded capacity in the network of urgent dental care services, restarting practices for face-to-face consultation and non-AGP treatments, and then a limited introduction of AGP treatments in practices.

The letter also addresses the supply of PPE, the prospect of community COVID-testing within dental practices, and the development of alternative models of funding.

Monday 11 May

The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) has updated the guidance on the Management of Acute Dental Problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The also updated supplement on remote drug prescribing at this time can be found here. Both the guidance and supplement were first published on 8 April 2020.

Thursday 9 April

The Chief Dental Officer for Scotland has issued a letter asking for dental professionals' personal support in the wider COVID-19 NHS response in Scotland.

If you're a dental professional in Scotland, and want to support the NHS, you can register your interest on their website.

Health Protection Scotland has issued guidance for dental teams and is providing regular updates. 

Thursday 2 April

Health Protection Scotland issued its latest guidance on COVID-19 PPE, as well as specific guidance for dental teams.

Monday 30 March

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme, alongside NHS Education Scotland, issued guidance on the management of acute dental problems during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Office of Chief Dental Officer Scotland issued a letter outlining an enhanced package of financial support for dental practices in Scotland.

Monday 23 March

The Office of Chief Dental Officer Scotland advised that all routine dentistry should cease

Thursday 19 March

The Office of Chief Dental Officer Scotland:

The Scottish Government is also providing regular updates including the number of tests carried out and the number of positive cases confirmed.